Sunday, March 16, 2008 

and so we disconnect..

Well I haven't been blogging much lately.. due to whatever reasons they are.. I should have plentiful of time but it feels like I don't. I have no idea what takes up so much time.. Me going out really often? Or me just sleeping and bumming around? I guess as we grow older, time passes real quick. It was really slow at the beginning of this year, and then all of a sudden, Chinese New Year was over, and we're already in the middle of March. What had happened in these 3 months?! Isn't that scary? We're already a quarter way through this year. Everything had came and gone by in a blink of an eye. What's gonna happen next.. We'll see.

And so this post is to reminisce bout the days when I was in Aus for more than 2 years. I met heaps of great friends, friends that can never be replaced even though we're far apart now. Everyone's gonna be going on their own paths sooner or later.. some would be moving out of Canberra as soon as they graduate and some would be too busy working. But I feel glad to have met such great friends who have been my study buddies who stayed out late till 4-5 in the morning going from the library to computer labs, going out buddies and do-crazy-stuff buddies throughout the whole time:)

And Middle North Bruce hall mates! bunch of great people as well! that's where i started my crazyyy drinking:P

and this was back in 2006 before I came back to Malaysia for holiday..

our crazy drinking skyfire night 2007! damn i wanted to go for skyfire this year:(

our crazy clubbing nights at Acads..

to more crazy Acads night!

another Acad night with the curries! hahahaa i'm the only chinese. how funny is that:P

and our Bateman's trip. my god i was so tanned then!!! damn. i need to be tan again!

and there was eco-comm ball.. where we were taking pics the whole night:)

Tim's birthday..

and to birthday parties..

and to Abi's party..

my gay friends, anthony and charith, me and chris!

my drinking buddy chunni, the hilarious dino and the philosopher tim!

nish & my farewell:)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 

let's go on dreaming for we know we are so close and still so far..

Currently playing: Jon Mclaughlin - So Close

And so I've been with my blog for 2 whole years now! Finally, I'm able to break my record of staying with a blog for so long!:P Probably it's time to create a new blog soon, that's if I do still blog.

But yeah anyway, have been back in Malaysia for a whole month already. Feels like I've been back for a long long time already. And it's now a whole new year again. How fast time flies. I've graduated, currently unemployed in Malaysia, haha.. If I were to be in Australia, my current status would be employed now. Oh well.. due to UNforeseen circumstances, I have to stay for now.

And so 2007 came and went away in a blink of an eye. I don't even know how can so many things happen in a year! But oh well.. it was good and bad.. and a lifetime near-death experience in 2007 was definitely very MEMORABLE. How would I forget 2007:P

So before I head out again, here are a few graduation pictures as requested!=p (Facebook would probably have most of them:P)

sis and i?:P

phoebe and i!

sean, me and sis!

dino and i!

chris and i!

shubhang, dino and i!

anthony and i!

my drinking buddy, chunni and i!

chang, anthony, me and jack!

kosal and i!


and finally...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 

nothing is ever what it seems when you live inside your dream..

Currently playing: Hilary Duff - Jericho

Pictures from Gurleen's and Wally's 21st birthday parties which fell on the same day.. and were just directly opposite each other from the lake. haha i think all these birthdays are burning a hole in my pocket!!

while Gurleen had to make his speech:P

chris and jack with the birthday boy

it's birthday cake time!

wally making his speech:P

and another birthday cake time!

what a long day.. :)


Saturday, November 24, 2007 

if this is giving up, then i'm giving up..

Currently playing: Ne-Yo - Because Of You

And so it was Nathan's farewell dinner before he heads back to Goldcoast and then probably back here later next year. I've still got my plans to open my cafe here, so Nathan has to come back! and as if I'm certain of coming back. It's so bloody hard to convince the parents that I do really want to stay to experience the working lifestyle here. They really don't understand it's for MY future, and not theirs. I do like being home, being in my comfort zone and everything, but I have to be out of my comfort zone sooner or later anyway. I know I do appreciate what they've done for me, provided education and supported me financially, but what I need now is their support for me to stay on. I will definitely repay whatever I owe them, at least I would be earning more here as compared to if I go back. If I were to go back, I would have to pay rent as well if I were to move out.. so I don't really see what's the difference. Oh well.. parents just think bout themselves, which makes them SELFISH and not for the future of their kids later on. Whatever.

Pictures below.

chris, nathan, wenwen and jorge!

nathan, zhong ee and oscar! ahah two big boys with one small one in the middle! hah

intisar, jack, nathan and kiran!


me and my vegetables where everyone kept paying me out about them the whole night saying what dishes i've ordered for them:( oh well.. too bad:P

the group!


Thursday, November 22, 2007 

i don't wanna fall to pieces..

Currently playing: Avril Lavigne - Fall to Pieces

And so.. exams have ended. And I didn't even bother to blog. It's been a while since I've blogged. Have got nothing much to blog about I guess. Me and my boring life=p But anyway.. it has been good after the exams! Been bumming around.. waiting for graduation (HOPEFULLY!). and yeah.. attending birthday parties. Have got nothing to blog for now except pictures from Saturday night, where Chunni had her 21st birthday party at Uni Pub. And I didn't get to drink with her nor took any pictures with her. BOO! oh well.. till the next time:)

relja, anthony, charith, dino and chris!

nathan, bev, forgotten his name:P, ray and chris!

with nish who joined us.. ahah and charith sitting there stoning!

no idea what was i doing!

and me..! good bye!

Saturday, October 06, 2007 

how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?

Currently playing: Lifehouse - Everything

and so this is the only happening event at this time of the year:P haven't been updating much since i don't even have time for myself! exams are in less than a month! at least assignments are down, but i'm still left with one more which is the subject i dislike the most!! grr. oh well! once again it's the end of the semester soon again.. but this time i'll be graduating!:) thank God! i hope i will though.. if not, my parents are gonna slaughter me!!

oh well.. here are pics from AFEC ball which cost $70 on Thursday night! it was not too bad I suppose. expected worse, since everyone said it's been bad every year. food was okay but too little, and alcohol that was supposed to be unlimited, ran out last night! damnit! didn't have enough to make my money worth! grr.. but it's all good. since everyone was there! :)

kim and i!

jack and i!

anthony, nish who was supposed to look like a private investigator, kim and charith!

me with the 3 curry dudes:P

with my drinking buddy!

with mihan and kiran who dressed up as optimus prime!

our table!:P

with kelly!

and them..

me with nish's hat:P

yes, this was how i look. lol while sophie and i were cutting our birthday cake! cake thanks to alex!

more group photo!

chris and i!

intisar, jorge, oska, chris and sam!

posers man!

we are in love<3 muahh!

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